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How costly is clutch formation in the Audouin’s Gull Larusaudouinii?

Audouins Gull (Ichthyaetus audouinii) Science Article 2 abstract During the Audouin’s Gull’s breeding season at the Ebro Delta in 1993, 24 fresh eggsfrom eight three-egg clutches (modal clutch-size) were collected at the peak of thelaying period. Eggs were processed to obtain formalin-fixed yolks, which were halvedand stained using the potassium dichromate method. Xavier Ruiz et […]

Avian Pathogenic Escherichia coli in Audouin gulls (Larus audouinii). Could they affectthe surviving of the bird colonies?

Audouins Gull (Ichthyaetus audouinii) Science Article 3 abstract A total of 39 E. coli strains isolated from cloacal swabs and unhatched eggs of Audouin’s gulls (Larus audouinii) living the Salento coast (Italy) were serotyped and molecular characterized for the presence of irp2, fyuA, tsh, papC, fimC, iucD, and eae genes described for Avian Pathogenic E. […]