International Action Planfor the Saker Falcon

Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug) Science Article 3


The Saker Falco cherrug qualifies as Globally Endangered because it has undergone a very rapidpopulation decline, particularly on the central Asian breeding grounds, owing to inadequatelycontrolled capture for the falconry trade (BirdLife International 2006). It is also Endangered inEurope due to large declines and its very small population size (BirdLife International 2004).The total European breeding population of the species is estimated at 584-686 pairs by theworkshop participants. This is slightly higher than presented by BirdLife International (2004) mainlydue to discovering some 120 new pairs in Ukraine. Data quality is mostly good in Central Europe, butless so in the Balkans and Eastern Europe (see Table 2). Europe holds about 8% of the globalpopulation of Sakers, estimated at 7,200-8,800 (BirdLife International 2006).

Szabolcs Nagy, Ivan Demeter, T-PVS/Inf (2003) 18

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