Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug) in Kyrgistan

Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug) Science Article 1


Saker falcons occur throughout Kyrgistan territory both onmigration and during the breeding season. In autumn most passage birdsmigrate along the outer ranges of the mountains on the level of the middleparts of macroslopes and valleys of northern Tyan San and Issikuldepression. Spring migration goes along the same route but is lessconcentrated and also includes foothills. The migration is rather intensive.In the 1990s illegal trappers used to catch more than 100-200 birds duringmigration.Saker breeding grounds are located at altitudes from 1500 to3000 m in places which are isolated from settlements and busy roads. Thenumber of breeding birds in the country has not been surveyed. In theeastern part of the country we estimate its numbers at 50 pairs. In thewestern part the numbers are even lower. The young are fed with souslik,gerbils, pigeons, rose starlings, chough, voles, young pheasants, haresand marmots.

E. Shukurov and A. Davletbakov, Shukurov, E & Davletbakov A. 2001: 95-100

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