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Ruby-throated hummingbirds observed following yellow-bellied sapsucker

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus varius) Science Article 8 abstract The authors document an observed association between Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and Ruby-throated Hummingbird. They conclude that the hummingbirds’feeding at sapsucker wells may effect the timing of hummingbird migration. by David Flaspohler and David Grosshuesch Several species of hummingbirds are known to feed at the sap wells created by […]

Sap tree feeding preference by Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers (Sphyrapicus varius) based ontree size and species in Cheboygan County, northern lower Michigan

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus varius) Science Article 7 abstract To test for preference in choice of sap trees, the area surrounding an active YellowbelliedSapsucker (Sphyrapicus varius ) nest was surveyed using four randomly selected20 x 20m plots at the University of Michigan Biological Station in Cheboygan County,Michigan Amanda L. McLenon, unknown Download article download full text […]

Minimizing Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker Damage

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus varius) Science Article 1 abstract The yellow-bellied sapsucker is a migratory woodpecker that feeds on a widevariety of orchard, shade, and forest trees. Instead of drilling holes to find insectslike other woodpeckers, sapsuckers drill holes in living trees to feed on sap andphloem tissues. Gayne G. Erdmann and Ralph M. Peterson, North […]


Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus varius) Science Article 3 abstract The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker( Sphyrapicus varius), which breeds in the temperate and boreal forests of interior North America, has not been reported previously from Alaska. However, recent observations show that it is currently a rare summer visitant and breeder in extreme east-central Alaska, and the presence of old […]