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Rarest birds in the World: Masfuerta Rayadito (Aphrastura masafuerae)

This species has an extremely small range confined to mixed tree-fern forest on one small island, where recent surveys have shown it to have an extremely small population. In 1859 Sclater, the famous zoologist wrote in the Ibis, the magazine of the British Ornithologists’ Union: “Oxyurus masafuerae seems to be restricted to the island of […]

Rarest birds in the World: Pohnpei Mountain Starling (Aplonis pelzelni)

This species has only been observed once in the last 50 years (in 1995), and it has declined drastically since 1930, possibly through habitat loss, hunting and predation by introduced rats. However, it may remain extant since there have also been a number of unconfirmed reports, and further intensive surveys are required. Any remaining population […]