UK Government Must do More to Prevent Extinction of Threatened Wildlife in UK Overseas Territories

The 14 UK’s Overseas Territories harbour more than 30 species of nesting bird that are facing global extinction, 20 of which are endemic. Due to the worldwide importance of these territories for unique wildlife – and the fact that the fate of these species is undeniably a UK responsibility – the RSPB is challenging the UK government and the governors of the territories to do more to protect the territories’ threatened species.
Sarah Sanders, the RSPB’s Overseas Territories’ officer, said: ?Although put together, the UK Overseas Territories occupy an area of land far smaller than the UK mainland, their wildlife value is immeasurably more important. A main driver of the economies of the islands is tourism and wildlife and the natural environment are major attractions.

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Updated: February 17, 2012 — 7:38 pm

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