Observations of the White-fronted Manakin (Pipra serena) in Suriname

White-fronted Manakin (Lepidothrix serena) Science Article 1


The White-fronted Manakin (Pipra serena) is found in the highlands of the Guianas, southeastern Venezuela, and adjacent northern Brazil (Haverschmidt 1968,M eyer de Schauensee and Phelps1978). Pipra serena is a small manakin (7-8 g) of the P. coronata species-group (Snow 1979). Males are distinguished by their velvety black plumagewith patches of white on the forecrown, light blue on the rump, and yellow on the belly. Females are bright green above and yellow below (for illustrations see H averschmidt 1968, Meyer de Schuaensee and Phelps 1978). While the courtship displays of many Pipra species have been documented, the behavior of P. serena never has been reported

RICHARD OWEN PRUM, The Auk 102: 384-387

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