Main migratory direction of Marsh HarrierCircus aeruginosus: an analysis of recovery data ofspecimens ringed in Latvia from 1925 to 2004

Western Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus) Science Article 1


Th is paper describes the main migratory directions of the Latvian Marsh Harrier Circus aeruginosuspopulation and provides an overview of recovery data. Th e study was based on analysis of recoverydata of Marsh Harrier that were ringed in Latvia from 1925 to 2004 and subsequently recovered.In total, of the 744 Marsh Harriers that were ringed only 47 (6.30 %) were recovered. Th e majorityof recoveries of Marsh Harrier were due to hunting 46.8 % (n = 22), 25.5 % (n = 12) were founddead and 27.7 % (n = 13) were captured in the area of ringing. Frequency analysis of directionand recovery distribution mapping showed that the Latvian population of Marsh Harrier morefrequently had a SSW migration direction, suggesting a Mediterranean passage across Italy.

Janis Reihmanis, Acta Universitatis Latviensis, 2005, Vol. 691, Biology, pp. 51-57

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