Global population structure and taxonomy of the wanderingalbatross species complex

Wandering Albatross (Diomedea exulans) Science Article 11


A recent taxonomic revision of wandering albatross elevated each of the four subspecies tospecies. We used mitochondrial DNA and nine microsatellite markers to study the phylogeneticrelationships of three species (Diomedea antipodensis,D. exulansandD. gibsoni) in thewandering albatross complex. A small number of samples from a fourth species,D. dabbenena,were analysed using mitochondrial DNA only. Mitochondrial DNA sequence analysesindicated the presence of three distinct groups within the wandering albatross complex

T. M. BURG and J . P. CROXALL, Molecular Ecology (2004) 13 , 2345-2355

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