First report of the nest and young of the Variegated Antpitta

Variegated Antpitta (Grallaria varia) Science Article 1


While conducting a study on microhabitat use by birds, I found a nest with two young of theVariegated Antpitta (Grulluria varia) 80 km north of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil (2’25’S,59’5O’W). I am unable to find any previously published description of the nest and youngof this species. The nest was in upland forest about 25 m from an extensive area of 10-15-month-old second-growth, which had resulted from the clearing of the forest for cattleranching. After the trees were cut, however, the area was abandoned. After the cutting,human activity had dropped to a minimum, except for an infrequently used trail that passedwithin 1 m of the nest.

CARLOS E. QUINTELA, Wilson Bull., 99(3), 1987, pp. 499-500

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