Observations at a nest of Thrush-like Antpitta Myrmotheracampanisona in eastern Ecuador

Thrush-like Antpitta (Myrmothera campanisona) Science Article 1


Thrush-like Antpitta Myrmothera campanisona is one of a species-pair in this genus belonging to the ground antbirds (Formicariidae). It is distributed from south-east Colombia, southern Venezuela and the Guianas to north-west Bolivia and Amazonian Brazil11. One race, signata, occurs in Ecuador10. Brief descriptions of nests from French Guiana were published for Thrush-like Antpitta15, and a nest of Tepui Antpitta M. simplex was recently described from Guyana

Harold F. Greeney, Jose B. L. Hualinga et al., Cotinga 23

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