Tawny Owl’s territory occupancy in Eastern Latvia.

Tawny Owl (Strix aluco) Science Article 2


The Tawny Owl’s territory occupancy was studied on twoplots in Eastern Latvia. By mapping Tawny Owl calling sites and by usingactivity stimulation, the spacing of pairs and solitary individuals was tracedover 6 years. The Tawny Owl population increased during the study. Ofdetected resident owls, 11% were single individuals. Nesting attempts wereobserved only in more regularly occupied territories (36 out of 53). Breedingfrequency and productivity were related to the frequency of territoryoccupation. The large numbers of single individuals and of territories whereno breeding occurred may be the result of the increasing numbers of TawnyOwls, or of an insufficiency of resources other than food, or a combinationof both.

Avotins, A, Bird Census News 13 (2000):167-173

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