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Aktivitatsrhythmus von Brandgansen (Tadorna tadorna) und Watvogeln (Charadrii) an der Nordseekiiste

Shelduck (Tadorna tadorna) Science Article 1 abstract Shelducks, Oystercatchers, Grey Plovers, Knots, Dunlins, Bar-tailed Godwits, Curlews, Spotted Redshanks, Redshanks, and Greenshanks showed a tidal rhythm of time-activity budgets on the Wadden Sea coast during the non-breeding season. Ringed Plovers and Ruffs did not react to the tidal rhythm. Night-time feeding could be observed in most […]

Timing of moult in male and female Shelducks Tadorna tadorna: Effects of androgens and mates

Shelduck (Tadorna tadorna) Science Article 2 abstract We investigated effects of testosterone treatment on timing and rate of moult of wing-feathers in male Shelducks Tadorna tadorna, and whether this treatment influences the timing of moult in untreated females. Three experimental treatments were conducted, each with two groups of sexual inactive male Shelducks, which were kept […]

Australian Shelduck (Tadorna tadornoides)

[order] ANSERIFORMES | [family] Anatidae | [latin] Tadorna tadornoides | [authority] Jardine and Selby, 1828 | [UK] Australian Shelduck | [FR] Tadorne d’Australie | [DE] Halsband-Kasarka | [ES] Tarro Australiano | [NL] Australische Bergeend Subspecies Genus Species subspecies Region Range Tadorna tadornoides AU Australia Genus The shelducks, genus Tadorna, are a group of large birds […]