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Bill deformity in a White-winged Becard, Pachyramphus polychopterus,(Aves: Suboscines: Tityridae) from Minas Gerais, Brazil

White-winged Becard (Pachyramphus polychopterus) Science Article 1 abstract Bill deformities have been recorded for several bird species around the world. Craves (1994) presented a revision on bill deformities in passerines (Aves: Passeres), which was updated by the Rouge River Bird Observatory (University of Michigan-Dearborn 2004). Bill abnormalities are known to occur in low frequency in […]

Tanagra minuta, an addition to the Mexican list

White-winged Becard (Pachyramphus polychopterus) Science Article 2 abstract While examining bird skins in the collection of the Moore Laboratory of Zoology, Phillips found in a series of T.affinis a previously undetected specimen of the White-vented Euphonia T. minuta Cabanis. The specimen, apparently an adult male: is labeled Palenque, Chiapas, altitude 210 m, 9 May 1946, […]