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Nest site selection of the Eurasian Crane Grus grus in Estonia: an analysis of nest record cards

Crane (Grus grus) Science Article 3 abstract We describe in detail the nesting habitats of the Eurasian Crane in Estonia and explore relationships between different habitat characteristics and nesting success.We analysed all 161 reported Eurasian Crane nest finds in Estonia.We found that the cranes favorite nesting habitats are different types of mire (71%of all nests), […]

Verhalten von Kranichfamilien (Grus grus) in BrutrevierenNordostdeutschlands: Investition der Altviigel in ihre Nachkommen

Crane (Grus grus) Science Article 1 abstract Juveniles and immature birds normally have less foraging ability and a lower food intake rate than adults. This-it has been presumed-is compensated for by parental care and investment during juvenile development. Studies of time budgets and parental investment of Common Cranes were carried out in the years 1995 […]

Daily activity and intake rate patterns of wintering Common Cranes

Crane (Grus grus) Science Article 2 abstract Daily activity patterns of wintering Common Cranes Grus grus were studied at Gallocanta, NE Spain, and related with changes in foraging site, distance to roost and flocking behavior. Per cent time spent feeding, feeding bout length, and food intake rate showed two peaks, in early morning and late […]

Crane (Grus grus)

[order] GRUIFORMES | [family] Gruidae | [latin] Grus grus | [UK] Crane | [FR] Grue cendree | [DE] Kranich | [ES] Grulla Comun | [NL] Kraanvogel Subspecies Genus Species subspecies Breeding Range Breeding Range 2 Non Breeding Range Physical charateristics Large land-bird, with pointed bill, long neck (kept extended in flight), and long legs contributing […]