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The Dwarf Tinamou (Taoniscus nanus) of Central Brazil

Dwarf Tinamou (Taoniscus nanus) Science Article 1 abstract In the last 5 yr, we have obtained some information on the Dwarf Tinamou (Taoniscus nanus) at the “Reserva Bioligica do Roncador” of the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica (IBGE) (approx. 15 55’S, 47 52’W), Federal District central Brazil. Except for Azara (1805), the Dwarf Tinamou […]

The biology of Dwarf Tinamou Taoniscus nanus, with notes on its breeding in captivity

Dwarf Tinamou (Taoniscus nanus) Science Article 2 abstract Dwarf Tinamou Taoniscus HGHUS was described by Temminck in 1815, based on Azara?s YnambuCarap. Its type-locality is Misiones in Paraguay, not the province of the same name in north-east Argentina, as is often and erroneously assumed. It may be extinct there, with no con?rmed recordssince 1901, although […]