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RAPTORS AND ‘CAMPO-CERRADO’ BIRD MIXED FLOCKLED BY Cypsnagra hirundinacea (Emberizidae:Thraupinae).

White-rumped Tanager (Cypsnagra hirundinacea) Science Article 1 abstract Bird mixed flocks including Cypsnagra hirundinacea and Neothraupis fasciata as species with sentinelswere studied in ‘campo-cerrado’ in order to investigate the possible relationship between alertnessand the mixed flock leadership. This study was conducted from March to September 1996 and mixedflocks were observed on average for 2:30h. The […]

White rumped Tanager (Cypsnagra hirundinacea)

[order] Passeriformes | [family] Thraupidae | [latin] Cypsnagra hirundinacea | [UK] White-rumped Tanager | [FR] Tangara hirundinace | [DE] Weissburzeltangare | [ES] Bandoleta | [IT] Tangara dal groppone bianco | [NL] Witstuittangare Subspecies Genus Species subspecies Breeding Range Breeding Range 2 Non Breeding Range Nephelornis hirundinacea Cypsnagra hirundinacea SA c, sc Cypsnagra hirundinacea hirundinacea Cypsnagra […]