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Blue-tailed emerald Hummingbird (Chlorostilbon mellisugus) nesting and nestling development

Blue-tailed Emerald (Chlorostilbon mellisugus) Science Article 1 abstract A nest of the Blue-tailed Emerald Hummingbird (Chlorostilbon mellisugus) was studied from the early finding of two eggs through to the loss of the single surviving nestling on day 19. Nestling growth and development, as well as female attendance during incubation and brooding are reported. The body […]

Blue tailed Emerald (Chlorostilbon mellisugus)

[order] Apodiformes | [family] Trochilidae | [latin] Chlorostilbon mellisugus | [UK] Blue-tailed Emerald | [FR] emeraude orvert | [DE] Smaragdkolibri | [ES] Esmeralda de Cola Azul | [IT] Colibri smeraldo codablu | [NL] Blauwstaart-smaragdkolibrie Subspecies Genus Species subspecies Breeding Range Breeding Range 2 Non Breeding Range Chlorostilbon mellisugus SA n, ne Chlorostilbon mellisugus caribaeus ne […]