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Nest prospecting by Common Goldeneyes

Goldeneye (Bucephala clangula) Science Article 2 abstract We studied nest prospecting by Common Goldeneye (Bucephala clangula) females in north-central Minnesota. Adults unsuccessful in nesting, those with broods, and nonnesting yearlings were captured in nests while prospecting. Prospecting began in late May and continued into early July. Active nests received up to 25 prospecting visits per […]

Host-parasite relatedness shown by protein fingerprinting in a brood parasitic bird

Goldeneye (Bucephala clangula) Science Article 1 abstract Brood parasitism as an alternative female breeding tactic is particularly common in ducks, where hosts often receive eggs laid by parasitic females of the same species and raise their offspring. Herein, we test several aspects of a kin selection explanation for this phenomenon in goldeneye ducks (Bucephala clangula) […]