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Molecular population phylogeny of the hazel grouse Bonasa bonasiain East Asia inferred from mitochondrial control-region sequences

Hazel Grouse (Bonasa Bonasia) Science Article 2 abstract A total of 62 mitochondrial haplotypes were detected from 174 samples of hazelgrouse Bonasa bonasia from Hokkaido, Primorskii, Sakhalin, Magadan, Siberiaand Bohemia using 428 bp of the mitochondrial DNA control region. Haplotypediversity for four populations in Hokkaido was more than 0.8, suggestingthat a reasonable population size had […]

Ethological and acoustical characters of the Chinese grouse(Bonasa sewerzowi), compared with sibling hazel grouse (B. bonasia) andruffed grouse (B. umbellus)

Hazel Grouse (Bonasa Bonasia) Science Article 1 abstract Woodland grouse of the genus Bonasa occur allopatrically in circum-polar temperate and boreal forests. An interspecificcomparison of the size and pattern of eggs, the downy feathers of pulli and other morphological characters in the threespecies suggests convergence in character sets. Yet species-specific differentiation is evident in the […]