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Annahme von Nisthilfen durch den Mauersegler (Apus apus) in Berlin

Common Swift (Apus apus) Science Article 3 abstract We present results of the inspection of 1915 nest boxes for Common Swifts in Berlin in 2002. The aim of the studyis to determine factors influencing acceptance of artificial nest boxes. Two significant influences were thedistance of nest boxes from the original breeding grounds and the structure […]

Dusk and dawn ascend of the swift, Apus apus L.

Common Swift (Apus apus) Science Article 2 abstract Radar observations on bird movements over The Netherlands in June andJuly revealed spectacular nocturnal Swift concentrations over the IJsselmeerand to a lesser extent above other waterbodies in and around TheNetherlands at some kilometres from coastlines. The Swifts performcharacteristic dusk and dawn ascends up to altitudes over 1800 […]

Ultrastructure of the spermatozoon of Apus apus (Linnaeus1758), the common swift (Aves; Apodiformes; Apodidae), withphylogenetic implications

Common Swift (Apus apus) Science Article 4 abstract The spermatozoon of Apus apus is typical of non-passerines in many respects. Features shared with palaeognaths and the Galloanserae are the conical acrosome, shorter than the nucleus Barrie G. M. Jamieson and Sandro Tripepi, Acta Zoologica (Stockholm) 86: 239-244 (October 2005) Download article download full text (pdf)

Plain Swift (Apus unicolor)

[order] APODIFORMES | [family] Apodidae | [latin] Apus unicolor | [UK] Plain Swift | [FR] Martinet unicolore | [DE] Einfarb-Segler | [ES] Vencejo unicolor | [NL] Madeira-gierzwaluw Subspecies Monotypic species Physical charateristics Rather small, dark grey-brown swift, with grey chin and throat difficult to see. Except in late autumn and early winter, Plain Swift restricted […]

White-rumped Swift (Apus caffer)

[order] APODIFORMES | [family] Apodidae | [latin] Apus caffer | [UK] White-rumped Swift | [FR] Martinet caffre | [DE] Kaffernsegler | [ES] Vencejo cafre | [NL] Kaffergierzwaluw Subspecies Monotypic species Physical charateristics The White-rumped Swift is smaller than Common Swift, but with relatively longer and more forked tail. The head and body size are close […]