Will the real Sykes’s Warbler please stand up? Breeding data support specific status forHippolais rama and H. caligata, with comments on the Arabian population of

Sykess Warbler (Iduna rama) Science Article 1


In early-January 2000, one of us (GMK) received a communication from Michael Walters, the former Curator of Eggs at the Natural History Museum (Tring), concerning a recent short note by Castell (1999, see below) within these pages, in which a nest, apparently of Hippolais rama, was depicted. MW commented: ‘However, in the photograph of the nest accompanying the note, the eggs do not appear to be those of rama, which has a very distinctive egg quite different from those of all other species of Hippolais

PETER CASTELL AND GUY M. KIRWAN, Sandgrouse 27 (1): 30-36 2005

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