The nesting of Chaetura andrei meridionalis

Sicks Swift (Chaetura andrei) Science Article 1


On the middle Rio das Mortes (15 o S., 52 o 15′ W. Greenwich), Mato Grosso, Brazil, I frequently observed a swift that inhabited principally the extensive groves of ‘buritf’ palms. On October 15, 1946, I located two nests of the species. One was torn from its base
when I attempted to make it accessible for closer investigation; the other one was studied in detail. Later on I discovered a third nest. On November 2, 1946, an adult bird was shot on the second nest mentioned. I determined this specimen tentatively as Chaetura andrei meridionalis Hellmayr and my supposition has now been confirmed in the collectiono f the Department of Zoology, Sao Paulo. The locality of the present studies was the same as that of the previous studies on Reinardas quama.

HELMUT SICK, The Auk: Vol. 65, No. 4

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