Spring migration strategies in Pink-footed Geese Anser brachyrhynchus an d consequences for spring fattening and fecundity.

Pink-footed Goose (Anser brachyrhynchus) Science Article 1


Individu al variation in spring migration strategies was analysed for neckbanded Pink-footed Geese Anser brachyrhynchus migrating from Denmark (D) via stopover sites in the Trondheimsfjord area (T) in mid-Norway and Vesteralen (V) in northern Norway to the breeding grounds in Svalbard, 1990-97 . Body condition of marked individuals was assessed by use of an abdominal profile index before departure from Denmark and before migration from Vesteralen where the majority of geese stop before departure to Svalbard.

Madsen J . 2001, Ardea 89(special issue) :43-55

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