Purus Jacamar (Galbalcyrhynchus purusianus)

Purus Jacamar

[order] PICIFORMES | [family] Galbulidae | [latin] Galbalcyrhynchus purusianus | [UK] Purus Jacamar | [FR] Jacamar roux | [DE] Purus-Glanzvogel | [ES] Jacamara del Purus | [NL] Purusglansvogel


Genus Species subspecies Breeding Range Breeding Range 2 Non Breeding Range
Brachygalba purusianus
Galbalcyrhynchus purusianus SA sw Amazonia

Physical charateristics

Species are large and stocky, with chestnut plumage, glossy blackish wings and tail, and a heavy pink bill.

wingspan min.: 0 cm wingspan max.: 0 cm
size min.: 20 cm size max.: 22 cm
incubation min.: 0 days incubation max.: 0 days
fledging min.: 0 days fledging max.: 0 days
broods: 0   eggs min.: 0  
      eggs max.: 0  


South America : Southwest Amazonia. The Purus Jacamar occurs in southwestern Amazonia south of the Amazon River and east of the Ucayali River


Its natural habitats are the edges of subtropical or tropical swamps and heavily degraded former forest.


It apparently breeds in holes and may be a co-operative breeder

Feeding habits

Like other jacamars, the Purus Jacamar forages on aerial insects by sallying from a perch.


Purus Jacamar status Least Concern



Distribution map

Purus Jacamar distribution range map

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