Principe Thrush (Turdus xanthorhynchus)

Principe Thrush

[order] PASSERIFORMES | [family] Turdidae | [latin] Turdus xanthorhynchus | [UK] Principe Thrush | [FR] Merle a bec noir | [DE] Principedrossel | [ES] Zorzal de Principe | [NL]


Monotypic species

Physical charateristics

Dull olive-brown above from head below eye to tail; head slightly darker. Chin and throat dusky buff with whitish streaks. Dark, coarse and uneven dusky-buff scaling on buff-washed breast, shading to dusky-buff scalloping on whitish remaining underparts. Underwing coverts pale orange-buff against creamy secondaries. Iris brown to red. Bill large and yellow. Legs yellow. Sexes similar. Juvenile like adult with light buff flecking above and blotched brown below.

wingspan min.: 0 cm wingspan max.: 0 cm
size min.: 22 cm size max.: 23 cm
incubation min.: 0 days incubation max.: 0 days
fledging min.: 0 days fledging max.: 0 days
broods: 1   eggs min.: 2  
      eggs max.: 3  


Africa : Principe Is. Turdus xanthorhynchus is endemic to the island of Pr

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