Yellow Oriole (Icterus nigrogularis)

Yellow Oriole

[order] Passeriformes | [family] Icteridae | [latin] Icterus nigrogularis | [UK] Yellow Oriole | [FR] Oriole jaune | [DE] Orangebrusttrupial | [ES] Turpial Gonzalito | [IT] Oriolo giallo | [NL] Gele Troepiaal


Genus Species subspecies Breeding Range Breeding Range 2 Non Breeding Range
Icterus nigrogularis SA n
Icterus nigrogularis curasoensis
Icterus nigrogularis helioeides
Icterus nigrogularis nigrogularis
Icterus nigrogularis trinitatis

Physical charateristics

Overall yellow with the adult male having a black eye mask, thin black throat line, black tail and black wings with a white wing bar and some white feather edging.

Listen to the sound of Yellow Oriole

[audio: Oriole.mp3]

Copyright remark: Most sounds derived from xeno-canto

wingspan min.: 0 cm wingspan max.: 0 cm
size min.: 20 cm size max.: 21 cm
incubation min.: 0 days incubation max.: 0 days
fledging min.: 0 days fledging max.: 0 days
broods: 1   eggs min.: 3  
      eggs max.: 4  


Yellow Oriole breeds in northern South America in Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad, the Guianas and parts of northern Brazil, (northern Roraima state, and eastern Amapa).


Yellow Oriole is a bird of open woodland, scrub and gardens


Its nest is a 40 cm long hanging basket, suspended from the end of a branch. The normal clutch is three pale green or grey eggs.

Feeding habits

This species eats mainly large insects, but will also take nectar and some fruit.


This species has a large range, with an estimated global Extent of Occurrence of 1,400,000 km

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