Autumn migration of thrushes over eastern Finland: A comparison of visible migration and ringing recovery patterns

Mistle Thrush (Turdus viscivorus) Science Article 1


The migration of thrushes Turdus spp over eastern Finland was investigated using data from 4,482 foreign recoveries of five species ringed in Finland between 1913 and 2001, and records of visible migration of nearly 28,000 thrushes observed during diurnal autumn movements between 1996 and 2001. Ringing recoveries suggested that the main autumn direction of movement from eastern Finland is southwest for Redwings T iliacus, Fieldfares T pilaris and Song Thrushes T philomelos, west-southwest for Blackbirds T merula and south for Mistle Thrushes T viscivorus. Visible migration records for Mistle Thrushes seemed to correspond well with ringing recoveries, but the other thrush species showed different directions of movement, mainly towards the west-northwest or along a west-northwest to east-southeast axis, possibly due to the influence of lake districts as guidelines.

Markuu J. Huttunen, Ringing & Migration (2004) 22, 13-23

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