Life History of the Little Tinamou

Little Tinamou (Crypturellus soui) Science Article 1


The Little or Pileated Tinamou (CryptureZZus so&) is a dull-colored, stout, shortwinged,almost tailless, terrestrial bird about nine inches in length. In both sexes the pileum is slaty black and the sides of the head are sooty gray. The upper parts are rich seal-brown, becoming umber on the tail coverts. The chin and upper throat are whitish; the lower throat, sides of the neck, and upper chest are deep grayish brown. The more posterior ventral plumage is grayish tawny. The bill is blackish, the eyes are brownish yellow, and the legs and feet are greenish yellow. This description applies to the form with which this account chiefly deals, C. s. modestus of Costa Rica and neighboring parts of Panama. Other races differ slightly in coloration.

Alexander F. Skutch, Condor: Vol. 65, No. 3

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