The monitoring of Little Owl Athene noctuain Chelm (SE Poland) in 1998-2000

Little Owl (Athene noctua) Science Article 2


For many years in parts of Europe, LittleOwl Athene noctua populations havedeclined, sometimes to extinction (Manez1994, Genot et al. 1997). Little Owl hasalso disappeared from territories inPoland, particularly in the west where asharp population decline has been recordedin agricultural landscapes and cities(Tomialojc 1990, Dyrcz et al. 1991,Jermaczek et al. 1995, Bednorz et al.2000).The first data concerning Little Owlnumbers in 20 cities in Lublin district (SEPoland) were obtained in the 1990s.Chelm was found to have the highest populationand density of this species(Grzywaczewski & Kitowski 2000a). Thispopulation was the ideal choice for monitoringstudies, the purpose of which was toestimate the numbers, distribution andnesting preferences of the species.

I. Kitowski, ORNIS HUNGARICA 12-13: 1-2 (2003)

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