Nesting of the Lesser Swallow-tailed Swift, Panyptila cayennensis, in Guatemala.

Lesser Swallow-tailed Swift (Panyptila cayennensis) Science Article 1


Although the Lesser Swallow-tailed Swift has been taken in most of the Central American republics, the small population which has been reported in the lowlands of southeastern Mexico (southern Veracruz) was thought to be separated from the more southern populations by a great expanse of territory in southeastern Mexico, all of Guatemala and western Honduras. That P. cayennensis does occur within this assumed gap was demonstrated when the writer, accompanied by his wife and Miss Katrina Thompson of Houston, found an occupied nest of this swift on the side of a tree which grew on the steep banks loping upward at the south edge of the Great Plaza in Tikal (altitude about 500 ft.), in the Peten region of Guatemala

ERNEST P. EDWARDS, The Auk: Vol. 76, No. 3

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