The Nest of Pitangus lictor

Lesser Kiskadee (Pitangus lictor) Science Article 1


Ornithologists have attributed both domed and open nests to the Lesser Kiskadee (Pitangus lictor) because they confused it with severalo ther strikingly similar neotropicalf lycatchers.P itanguss ulphuratust, he only one of these flycatchers that reaches the United States, always builds a domed nest. But Haverschmidt( Auk, 74: 240, 1957) collectedP . lictor at an open nest near Paramaribo, Surinam, and thus confirmed the description of the nest by the Penards (De Vogels van Guyana, Vol. 2, 263, 1910). Recently Davis (Auk, 78: 276, 1961) has claimed that the Penards were mistaken and that the nest found by Haverschmidt was that of Empldonomus varius. As did a few other authors, Davis reported domed nests for P. lictor.

Edwin O Willis, The Auk, 79: 108-121. January, 1962

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