The nest and eggs of Smorogdites t. theresiae

Green-tailed Goldenthroat (Polytmus theresiae) Science Article 1


Goldenthroat, SwwczRdiles 1. IlIeresiae, is a rather small hummingbird with rounded tail. It is bright green all over except for the primaries and primary coverts, which are dark brownish gray, glossed with purplish blue, and the belly feathers and under tail coverts, which are partly white. The rectrices, which are rather narrow, are glittering grass green. The chin, throat and breast are brilliant light golden green. The species inhabits the Guianas. Venezuela, and northern Brazil (Papa west to Manaos and the Madeira and Tapajoz Rivers).

F. HAVERSCHMIDT, Wilson Bull., 63(2), 1951

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