Serological survey of viral pathogens in bean and white-fronted geese from Germany

Greater White-fronted Goose (Anser albifrons) Science Article 1


Sera from wild geese were tested for antibodies to selected viral pathogens at a resting site for wild waterfowl in Germany. Serum samples from both bean geese (Anser fabalis) and white-fronted geese (Anser albifrons) collected in October 1991 were examined using serological methods licensed for routine diagnosis in domestic poultry. Of 130 sera tested, antibodies to several infectious agents were found including Newcastle disease virus (45%), goose parvovinis (48%), avian reovirus (29%), and avian adenovirus or egg drop syndrome 76 virus (6%). Antibodies against duck hepatitis virus were not detected. Differences in seroprevalences were not detected between the two geese species. While role and significance of wild geese in the epidemiology of asian diseases remains to be determined, it is possible that they could be of some importance as reservoirs and carriers of certain viral diseases of domestic poultry.

A. Hlinak, T. Muller, M. Kramer, R. U. Muhle, H. Liebherr, and K. Ziedler, Wildl. Dis., Jul 1998; 34: 479-486

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