The nest of the gold-ringed tanager (bangsia aureocincta), a colombian endemic

Gold-ringed Tanager (Bangsia aureocincta) Science Article 1


We present the first nest description for the Gold-ringed Tanager (Bangsia aureocincta) and include notes on parental care. The nest is a large domed ball constructed of moss, whereas the nest lining is constructed of rootlets. We observed three adults attending the nest, the first evidence of cooperative breeding in a mountain tanager. Nest architecture is variable within Bangsia and mountain tanagers, but may still be phylogenetically informative within tanagers and allies. The main breeding season of the Gold-ringed Tanager in western Colombia is February-July.

Benjamin G. Freeman and Johhnier A. Arango, Ornitologia Colombiana No. 9 (2010): 71-75

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