Red-legged Partridge (Alectoris rufa)

Red-legged Partridge

[order] GALLIFORMES | [family] Phasianidae | [latin] Alectoris rufa | [UK] Red-legged Partridge | [FR] Perdrix rouge | [DE] Rothuhn | [ES] Perdiz Roja | [NL] Rode Patrijs


Genus Species subspecies Breeding Range Breeding Range 2 Non Breeding Range
Alectoris rufa EU sw Europe
Alectoris rufa hispanica n and w Iberian Pen.
Alectoris rufa intercedens e and s Iberian Pen.
Alectoris rufa rufa Britain, France, n Italy, Corsica

Physical charateristics

The Red-legged Partridge is a gaudier bird than the Grey Partridge with a strikingly black and white face and throat with pronounced black and white barring on its flanks. In flight though it is actually plainer, with unmottled grey-brown upper-parts. Red-legs can be told from Rock Partridges, Chuckars and their hybrids by the extensive black-speckled gorgets around their breasts.

Listen to the sound of Red-legged Partridge

[audio: Partridge.mp3]

Copyright remark: Most sounds derived from xeno-canto

wingspan min.: 45 cm wingspan max.: 50 cm
size min.: 32 cm size max.: 35 cm
incubation min.: 23 days incubation max.: 24 days
fledging min.: 10 days fledging max.: 24 days
broods: 1   eggs min.: 10  
      eggs max.: 16  


Eurasia : Southwest Europe


Less clearly defined than congeners, spanning diverse climatic zones of south-west Palearctic from Mediterranean to humid temperate, but avoiding boreal, oceanic, and arid regions, and preferring lowland to montane. Stops short at fringes of forests and wetlands, but can perch on trees and swim on occasion. More adaptable than other Alectoris partridges to variety of soils

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