Folklore Zimbabwe, Ostrich and his little friend

A small wild fowl said to a large one, “Come, let us be friends; you come and eat at my house and I shall eat at yours. “The big one said, “Very well” ; and several times they ate at each other’s houses. At last the big one said, “You must only come twice more to my house.” He said, “Very well.” Twice the little fowl went and the third time he went he found the big fowl with its head under its wing. He thought its head was cut off and said, “What is this.” “He told him, “Nothing, I always do this. “Another time he came and the large bird was showing its head again.

The small bird said, “Last time you had no head. “He said,” Yes, this time I have put it on. “The little bird went home and said to his brother, “When my big brother comes to eat here; cut my head off; he does so. “His brother said, “I think you will die. “He said, “No, do it and say to him Go in there; your little brother is in there. When the large bird came he saw the brother, who said, “Go in there ; your little brother is in there. “He did so, and found the little one dead.


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