Effects of landscape spatial structure and composition on the settlement of the Eagle Owl Bubo bubo in a Mediterranean habitat

Eurasian Eagle-Owl (Bubo bubo) Science Article 7


We analysed the breeding density of a Mediterranean Eagle Owl Bubo bubo population and the characteristics of the landscape surrounding the nest, in an attempt to identify the determinants of habitat preferences within a radius of 1000 m around each nest. A total of 59 nest site were identified (15.3 nest sites per 100 km2; mean nearest neighbour distance 1770 m). Eleven variables were correlated with the presence of an Eagle Owl nest: three variables describing the patch composition of the landscape, three variables of landscape heterogeneity, and five variables for minimum distance from landscape components. The comparison between the landscape features surrounding the nest sites and the control plots (defining the whole landscape structure) showed a significant difference. Openlands and landscape heterogeneity around the nest are a key determinant for the settlement of the Eagle Owl

Penteriani V., Gallardo M., Roche P. & Cazassus H., ARDEA 89 (2): 331-340

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