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Dunlin (Calidris alpina) Science Article 6


The stopover of adult Dunlins, Calidris a. alpina during autumn migration at Ottenby, S.E. Sweden, was investigated. The proportion of Dunlins actively moulting their flight feathers was higher among second-year (2-yr) birds than among older ones (3-yr+). We compared stopover length, arrival body mass, departure body mass and rate of body mass increase between 2-yr and 3-yr+ birds, and between moulting and non-moulting birds, respectively. To estimate length of stopover, a simple mark-recapture model, assuming a constant stopover and capture probability, was fitted to the data on recaptured Dunlins. Maximum likelihood estimates of the daily stopover probability and its variance are provided.

Holmgren N., Ellegren H. & Pettersson J., ARDEA 81 (1): 9-20.

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