Body mass increase migration pattern and breeding grounds of Dunlins Calidris alpina alpina staging in the dutch wadden sea in spring.

Dunlin (Calidris alpina) Science Article 5


Though a lot is known about the Dunlin, a highly variable wader species in many respects, there is still uncertainty whether substantial numbers of this species migrating through W. Europe in spring, breed as far as Siberia. Data on numbers, turnover, recoveries, body mass and bill length of the Dunlin, collected in spring in the eastern part of the Dutch Wadden Sea, are presented. Two kind of fattening strategies are clearly distinguished and seem to used by two different groups of the subspecies alpina. The groups are temporally segregated: one is present in April the other in May. It is argued that the latter one breeds in Siberia as far as the western part of the Taymyr peninsula.

Goede A.A., Nieboer E. & Zegers P.M., ARDEA 78 (12): 135-144

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