The global status of the Corncrake

Corn Crake (Crex crex) Science Article 5


The corncrake Crex crex is among 1,186 bird species (about 10% of all species) recently assessed as being globally threatened. Corncrake population declines are well documented in western Europe, but until recently little was known about populations and trends elsewhere in Europe and Asia. In the last five years, in fulfilment of the European Corncrake Species Action Plan, the RSPB has funded corncrake population surveys in several Central and Eastern European countries to fill this gap. The results show that there are many more corncrakes in eastern Europe than ornithologists in those countries once thought, but long-term trends are still unclear. The recent history of corncrake populations in western Europe shows that they are unusually sensitive to both agricultural intensification and abandonment. Economic and agricultural upheavals are continuing in many former eastern bloc countries and it is difficult to predict the rate of agricultural development there, even in the short term.

Schaffer N. & Green R.E. 2001, RSPB Conservation Review 13, 2001

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