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That useful little Owl

The fact that the little owl is useful to peasants in ridding their grain fields of mice, which often bring famines by a sudden vast increase numbers, only confirmed the owl as a symbol of the Immortal Maid. These little screech-owls may have protected other crops from mice beside grain, the olive for instance, which […]

Nagaland safe for the Amur Falcon

[text by Steve Boyes, National Geographic Newswatch] Up until this year, an estimated 120,000 – 140,000 Amur falcons (Falco amurensis) were being slaughtered in a remote part of north-eastern India at this exact time each year. In 2012, Shashank Dalvi and Ramki Sreenivasan documented this shocking massacre as tens of thousands of migrating falcons congregate […]

What kind of Heron?

Does anybody know what Heron or Egret this is? The picture was taken in Paramaribo, Suriname at the riverside. I cant seem to find a White Egret or Heron with yellowish patch at the start of the bill, having also yellowish feet. Is it an interbreed? Birds of Venezuela by Hilty doesnt match it nor […]