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Climate Change Threatens Tropical Birds: Global Warming, Extreme Weather Aggravate Habitat Loss, Review Finds

Climate change spells trouble for many tropical birds — especially those living in mountains, coastal forests and relatively small areas — and the damage will be compounded by other threats like habitat loss, disease and competition among species. That is among the conclusions of a review of nearly 200 scientific studies relevant to the topic. […]

Disease Risks When Moving Wildlife To New Areas: Endangered Laysan Duck Cautionary Tale

Laysan ducks, one of the world’s most endangered waterfowl, are native to only the Hawaiian archipelago. For 150 years, Laysan ducks were restricted to an estimated 4 square kilometers of land on Laysan Island in the northwestern Hawaiian Islands. In 2004 and 2005, in an effort to rebuild the population, biologists released 42 Laysan ducks […]