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BirdLife welcomes passing of law to secure transboundary ecosystems in East Africa

The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) has passed a crucial law that could transform how transboundary ecosystems and resources in East Africa are managed. EALA is the legislative arm of the East African Community, a regional block bringing together five countries, namely, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Hon. Dr. George Nangale, the former Chairman […]

More petrels discovered in Haiti

The nocturnal calls of Black-capped Petrels Pterodroma hasitata have guided Haitian researchers to discover more nesting locations for this Endangered seabird. During November and December 2011, researchers from the Socit Audubon Hati (SAH) carried out field expeditions as part of their ongoing efforts to better understand and conserve Haitis unique biodiversity. read more at birdlife>

Sustainable tourism for Nepals wetlands

Wetlands are diverse habitats that are extremely important for biodiversity. They also provide vital benefits for millions of people, including food, fibre, flood protection, water purification and supply. Their importance is reflected in the designation of nearly 2,000 Wetlands of International Importance (or Ramsar sites: see covering more than 191 million hectares. read more […]

The Caribbean wetland experience

This years World Wetlands Day (WWD) theme is Wetlands and Tourism and BirdLife Partners in the Caribbean are ready to be part of the experience. The Bahamas National Trust (BirdLife in the Bahamas) is showcasing the Harrold and Wilson Ponds National Park (HWNP) to tourists in celebration of these very important ecosystems. The tourists from […]