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Rubeho Forest partridge discovered in 2003

Rubeho Forest-partridge Xenoperdix Obscurata ENDANGERED The Udzungwa forest partridge, Xenoperdix udzungwensis, is one of Africa’s rarest birds, considered threatened (“Vulnerable”, see BirdLife International, 2000) because of its very small range. The species is known from only three forests within the Udzungwa and Rubeho Highlands of the Eastern Arc Mountains in Tanzania. Xenoperdix obscurata is a […]

Rowi discovered in 2003

Rowi Apteryx rowi CRITICALLY ENDANGERED Okarito brown kiwi, or rowi, are New Zealand’s rarest kiwi, with an estimated 250 surviving in just 10,000 hectares in South Okarito Forest, in South Westland. It was only in 1994 that they were found to be an entirely new species and given the name rowi. Rowi vary from other […]

Munchique Wood wren discovered in 2003

Munchique Wood-wren Henicorhina negreti CRITICALLY ENDANGERED A typical wood-wren. Sexes are similar, dark brown on the crown with warmer brown upperparts, short wings and tail are lighter warm brown barred with darker barring, prominent white supercilium above black eyestripe and ear coverts streaked white, throat white, chest pale grey, flanks, vent and undertail coverts chestnut, […]