Category: Middle America

Green Parakeet (Aratinga holochlora)

[order] PSITTACIFORMES | [family] Psittacidae | [latin] Aratinga holochlora | [authority] Sclater, 1859 | [UK] Green Parakeet | [FR] Conure vert | [DE] Grunsittich | [ES] Aratinga Verde, Periquito verde (HN) | [NL] Groene Aratinga | [copyright picture] Peter Odekerken Subspecies Genus Species subspecies Region Range Aratinga holochlora MA n,e Mexico, s Mexico to Nicaragua […]

Tres Marias Amazon (Amazona tresmariae)

[order] PSITTACIFORMES | [family] Psittacidae | [latin] Amazona tresmariae | [authority] Spix, 1824 | [UK] Tres Marias Amazon | [FR] Amazone des Tres Marias | [DE] Gelbkopfamazone-tresmariae | [ES] Amazona Real | [NL] Tres-Marias amazone Subspecies Genus Species subspecies Region Range Amazona tresmariae MA Tres Marias Is, Mexico Genus Amazon parrot is the common name […]

Finschs Parakeet (Aratinga finschi)

[order] PSITTACIFORMES | [family] Psittacidae | [latin] Aratinga finschi | [authority] Salvin, 1871 | [UK] Finschs Parakeet | [FR] Conure de Finsh | [DE] Veraguasittich | [ES] Aratinga de Finsch, Perico Frentirrojo (Cr) | [NL] Finsch’ Aratinga | [copyright picture] Jan Sevcik Subspecies Genus Species subspecies Region Range Aratinga finschi MA Nicaragua to Panama Genus […]

Vulnerability of Eggs and Young of the Blackish Nightjar (Caprimulgus Nigrescens) in Suriname

Dusky Nightjar (Caprimulgus saturatus) Science Article 1 abstract Crepuscular and nocturnal caprimulgids (nighthawks and nightjars) form a particular group of insectivorous birds (Junge 1964). During daylight hours, they roost on the ground or low in vegetation, often in open situations exposed to full sunshine. During twilight and nighttime hours they become active, feeding entirely on […]

Orange-fronted Parakeet (Aratinga canicularis)

[order] PSITTACIFORMES | [family] Psittacidae | [latin] Aratinga canicularis | [authority] Linnaeus, 1758 | [UK] Orange-fronted Parakeet | [FR] Conure a front Orange | [DE] Elfenbeinsittich | [ES] Aratinga Frentinaranja, Perico frentinaranja (Cr), Periquito Naranjera (HN) | [NL] Ivooraratinga | [copyright picture] Charlene Wood Subspecies Monotypic species Genus The parrot genus Aratinga comprises 24 species. […]

Pacific Parakeet (Aratinga strenua)

[order] PSITTACIFORMES | [family] Psittacidae | [latin] Aratinga strenua | [authority] Ridgway, 1915 | [UK] Pacific Parakeet | [FR] Conure vert du Pacifique | [DE] Mexikosittich | [ES] Periquito Pacifico (Mex), Periquito del Pacifico (HN) | [NL] Pacifische Aratinga | [copyright picture] Knut Eisermann Subspecies Genus Species subspecies Region Range Aratinga strenua MA s Mexico […]

Slaty-breasted Tinamou (Crypturellus boucardi)

[order] TINAMIFORMES | [family] Tinamidae | [latin] Crypturellus boucardi | [authority] Sclater, 1859 | [UK] Slaty-breasted Tinamou | [FR] Tinamou de Boucard | [DE] Graukehl-Tinamu | [ES] Tinamu Pizarroso, Chinga Pecho Gris (HN) | [NL] Grijsborst tinamoe Subspecies Monotypic species Genus The tinamous of the genus Crypturellus are usually notoriously difficult to see. Most species […]

Resplendent Quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno)

[order] TROGONIFORMES | [family] Trogonidae | [latin] Pharomachrus mocinno | [authority] de la Llave, 1832 | [UK] Resplendent Quetzal | [FR] Quetzal resplendissant | [DE] Quetzal | [ES] Quetzal Guatemalteco, Quetzal (Cr) | [NL] Quetzal Subspecies Monotypic species Genus Quetzals are strikingly colored birds in the trogon family (Trogonidae). They are found in forests and […]