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Vulnerability of Eggs and Young of the Blackish Nightjar (Caprimulgus Nigrescens) in Suriname

Dusky Nightjar (Caprimulgus saturatus) Science Article 1 abstract Crepuscular and nocturnal caprimulgids (nighthawks and nightjars) form a particular group of insectivorous birds (Junge 1964). During daylight hours, they roost on the ground or low in vegetation, often in open situations exposed to full sunshine. During twilight and nighttime hours they become active, feeding entirely on […]

aerial rain bathing by Common Nighthawks.

Common Nighthawk (Chordeiles minor) Science Article 3 abstract Both Slessers (Auk 87:91-99, 1970) and Simmons (pp. 101-104 in A Dictionary of Birds, B. Campbell and E. Lack, eds., Buteo Books, Vermillion, South Dakota, 1985) classified methods of bathing in water by birds, but neither mentioned a method we observed in the Common Nighthawk (Chordeifes minor), […]


Common Nighthawk (Chordeiles minor) Science Article 2 abstract Although the Common Nighthawk (Chordeiles minor) has been studied extensively, certain phases of its breeding biology have been considered only superficially. Among these are the incubation movements of the female, the manner in which eggs are moved, and certain activities of the male. An opportunity to investigate […]

Notes on breeding of the Common Nighthawk in Panama.

Common Nighthawk (Chordeiles minor) Science Article 1 abstract The taking in Panama on 7 May 1961 of a Common Nighthawk (Chordeiles minor), which wasbrooding a single downy young, established that this species, essentially one of temperate North America, breeds far south into the tropics, where it had generally been regarded as a migrant only. L. […]

The Breeding Distribution of Cbordeiles minor in Mexico.

Common Nighthawk (Chordeiles minor) Science Article 4 abstract the time of Oberholser’s revision of the subspecies of Chordeiles minor in 1914 (Bull. U. S. Nat. Mus., 86), the southernmost known limits of the continental breeding range of this species were based on a specimen of henyri from Babfcora, central-western Chihuahua, collected on June 21, 1902, […]


Common Potoo (Nyctibius griseus) Science Article 1 abstract The Potoos (Nyctibius) have been studied by various authors, among them Goeldy ( 1896), Haverschmidt (1948, 1958), Borrero (1970), and Skutch (1970). The information presented in this study is based on both day and night observations of two captive and five free-ranging N. griseus (Common Potoo), one […]

Lesser Nighthawk (Chordeiles acutipennis)

[order] CAPRIMULGIFORMES | [family] Caprimulgidae | [latin] Chordeiles acutipennis | [UK] Lesser Nighthawk | [FR] Engoulevent ronronneur | [DE] Texas-Nachtschwalbe | [ES] Anapero garrapena | [NL] Texasnachtzwaluw Subspecies Monotypic species Genus Physical charateristics It has a short bill, and the upper parts of the body have a grey and white patterning. Its head and chest […]

Blackish Nightjar (Caprimulgus nigrescens)

[order] CAPRIMULGIFORMES | [family] Caprimulgidae | [latin] Caprimulgus nigrescens | [UK] Blackish Nightjar | [FR] Engoulevent noiratre | [DE] Trauer-Nachtschwalbe | [ES] Chotacabras Negruzco | [NL] Roetnachtzwaluw Subspecies Genus Species subspecies Region Range Caprimulgus nigrescens SA Amazonia Genus Physical charateristics Small dark Nightjar appears almost totally black with the exception of the some whtie spots […]

Nacunda Nighthawk (Podager nacunda)

[order] CAPRIMULGIFORMES | [family] Caprimulgidae | [latin] Podager nacunda | [UK] Nacunda Nighthawk | [FR] Engoulevent nacunda | [DE] Weissbauch-Nachtschwalbe | [ES] Anapero nacunda | [NL] Nacunda-nachtzwaluw Subspecies Monotypic species Genus Physical charateristics Upperparts buff freckled with black. Breast brown with black barring and a conspicuous white V-shaped band across the throat. Lower breast, abdomen […]

Common Poorwill (Phalaenoptilus nuttallii)

[order] CAPRIMULGIFORMES | [family] Caprimulgidae | [latin] Phalaenoptilus nuttallii | [UK] Common Poorwill | [FR] Engoulevent de Nuttall | [DE] Winter-Nachtschwalbe | [ES] Chotacabras Pachacua | [NL] Poorwill Subspecies Genus Species subspecies Breeding Range Breeding Range 2 Non Breeding Range Siphonorhis nuttallii Phalaenoptilus nuttallii NA, MA sw Canada to n Mexico Phalaenoptilus nuttallii adustus s […]