Intestinal parasites in the Cantabrian Capercaillie, Tetrao urogallus cantabricus: a coprological study.

Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) Science Article 8


The intestinal parasites of the Cantabrian Capercaillie were Estudied by counting the eggs of parasitic species found in 154 f cal samples from 34 localities in the Cantabrian mountains. Prevalence was 58% for Eimeria sp. and 25% for Capillaria sp.; however, both intensity and mean intensity of these parasites were very low if compared to other populations of Tetraonid . Other parasites were infrequent and, specifically, we found no cestodes which are characteristic parasites of the genus Tetrao (Raillietina sp. and Davainea sp.). We conclude that it is unlikely that intestinal parasites cause the decline of Capercaillie populations in the studied localities of the Cantabrian range.

Obeso, J. R., Rodriguez, L. D., Alvarez, I., Nino, E., Del Campo, J.C., Ardeola 47(2), 2000, 191-195

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