Trends in numbers of Cape gannets (Morus capensis),1956/1957-2005/2006, with a consideration of theinfluence of food and other factors

Cape Gannet (Morus capensis) Science Article 4


Cape gannets (Morus capensis) breed at six colonies in Namibia and South Africa. Population size averaged about 250 000 pairs overthe period 1956/1957-1968/1969 and about 150 000 pairs from 1978/1979 to 2005/2006. Over the whole 50-y period, numbers atthe three Namibian colonies fell by 85-98%, with greater proportional decreases in the south. There were increases at two SouthAfrican colonies between 1956/1957 and 2005/2006. The colony at Lambert’s Bay increased between 1956/1957 and 2003/2004,

Robert J. M et al., ICES Journal of Marine Science Advance Access published November 2, 2006

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