Rediscovery, biology, vocalisations and taxonomy of fish owls in Turkey

Brown Fish Owl (Ketupa zeylonensis) Science Article 1


In the Western Palearctic (WP) region, Brown Fish Owl Bubo zeylonensis is one of the rarest and least-known birds. The species? range is huge, from the Mediterranean east to Indochina, but it is probably only in India and Sri Lanka that it is regularly observed. In the 19th and 20th century, a total of c 15 documented records became known of the westernmost and palest taxon, semenowi, and no definite breeding was described for the WP. These records included just one for Turkey in the 20th century, in 1990. However, while the species appears to be extinct in other WP countries, several pairs have been found in southern Turkey since 2000.

Arnoud B van den Berg, Soner Bekir, Peter de Knijff and The Sound Approach, Dutch Birding 32: 287-298, 2010

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